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Culture Shift Bundle

Is Your E-Mail Culture Crippling Your Productivity?

Our systems to the rescue...

If you could gain one additional hour of productivity, per person, per day, what would that mean to you and your profits?


We can be your organization's secret weapon in the productivity battle.

We've bundled several resources for you to lead the effort to reclaim thousands of hours of productivity in your business. These are designed as a series of do-it-yourself resources to assist the leader and his or her team implement a department-wide or company-wide inbox detox.

Consider this...

Toxic e-mailing practices are habits that need to be changed. Just like you need to finish a 10 day prescription of antibiotics rather than just take one pill, habit changes work best with focused attention over time.

Shifting e-mailing habits requires focus, commitment, and ongoing attention. Because it takes anywhere from 20 to 28 days to change a habit, keeping these positive e-mailing practices present for at least a month is the prescription you need.

Whether you want to do it yourself or have us help you, don't wait. You are most likely losing at least an hour per person per day of productivity due to toxic e-mail practices. Check out our systems, and choose the one that will work best for you.

You need a prescription for the cure, and we've bundled the resources you need.

Inbox Detox - Leader's Rx

This bundle gives you all the tools you need to initiate an email culture shift program for your business or department.

  • Background: We provide you the background you'll need to sell the rest of your stakeholders on why an email culture shift will help your bottom line. These include our books, audios and eBooks.
  • Plan: You'll receive a suggested plan of attack with suggested timelines to prepare for and conduct a week of focus on email best practices. This'll get your culture shift started.
  • Tools: Included are posters, print ready artwork, sample scripts, a workshop DVD, and prepared handouts. No need to spend time creating these - we've done it for you...
  • Follow-up resources: One week isn't enough. You need to keep these best practices present. We've created articles for your monthly newsletters, and you'll receive a license to distribute our tip filled 8 page magazine, "Email Savvy" that you can share after your campaign ends.


These are the specific tools included in the Leader's Rx:

Resource More Information Retail Value
EKit Clean Out Your Inbox Week eKit - 98 pages of action steps, suggested timing, sample scripts and 30+ posters $69.00
DVD Taming D. E-mail Tiger DVD 55 minute workshop DVD to use in meetings with your employees, sample handout included $179.00
Book Inbox Detox and the Habit of E-mail Excellence The best-selling email productivity book which includes the "12 Steps to Curing Your Email E-ddiction" $19.95
License License to distribute "E-mail Savvy" an 8 page e-magazine for you to distribute after your campaign each $2.95
Articles 12 articles for your monthly in-house newsletter, for you to distribute monthly $600.00
Poster 10 Best Practices of a Positive E-mail Culture A poster featuring best practices your employees should embrace Incl.
eBook Reclaiming Workplace Productivity A Manager's Guide to understanding and implementing best practices in emailing $47.95
Digital Bundle All resources included in the Inbox Detox Digital Bundle
  ->Inbox Detox and the Habit of Email Excellence - 180 page digital version of the book
->Inbox Detox: Overload to Empty in 12 Simple Steps - 48 minute audio MP3
->Inbox Detox: E-Message Excellence - 52 minute audio MP3
  Total value: $1,000.00+
  Your investment: Only $277.00

That's not all...

  • You will also be given a discount coupon to purchase quantities of our our best-selling book, Inbox Detox and the Habit of E-mail Excellence (Acanthus 2009) for all of the members of your team. It will serve as a resource and reminder of emailing best practices, long after your campaign is over...

  • We 100% guarantee your satisfaction, or your money back. Period.

We have priced the Leader's Rx at $277 (less than 1/3 the total value) because we believe you need the combination of all these resources to get set up, prepared, and ready to roll with your staff.

Only $277

Order now!

Set your orgainzation's detox into motion tomorrow.

Time to get started reclaiming productivity
you may not have realized you've lost.

We've spent the last three years working with organizations who want to detoxify their emailing cultures.

Our experience tells us that shifting to best practices is not a one time event, but more of a process. For you to be successful, you need to commit long term emphasis on it.


Need an Rx Plus?

If you think you'll benefit from working with us to craft and deliver your email detox campaign, we are here for you...


We're offering the Rx PLUS. You'll receive everything in the Leader's Rx Bundle, plus three one-hour team tele-training implementation sessions, plus interim phone and email support with our qualified Inbox Detox coaches, valued at over $1000.

We'll give you the personal attention and coaching that will make your campaign a huge productivity success.

We can shorten your learning curve. Remember, we've been helping companies for years. Don't hesitate to tap our knowledge and reclaim hours that you can turn into profits.

Order today, start detoxing your department tomorrow.

You can have the RX Plus for $697,

Again, at 1/3 the total value of the individual resources.

Only $697

Order now!

Call us to schedule your first team implementation session!

Not exactly what you had in mind? Click here or call us to explore our developing individually tailored programs.


Habits don't change in a day...

Whatever prescription you choose, remember that because these programs involve the need to shift habits and culture, they are best executed over several months. The Egan Group, Inc. will be your partner in curing this drain and strengthening your bottom line.

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Each day of wasted productivity
directly impacts your profit.