Clean Out Your Inbox Week Programs

The E-mail Efficiency Campaign that adds Productivity to Your Bottom Line


Declare a Company or Department-wide
"Clean Out Your Inbox Week" the last full week of January

Join thousands of smart businesses as they embrace the Chases' Calendar of Events endorsed "Clean Out Your Inbox Week."

Getting knowledge workers to change their emailing habits doesn't happen in a day. It takes focused attention, and yes, attention by the leadership. Whether you use the materials we've developed to help you or not, our experience has shown that fixing this is not a one time event, or a "pill" as some people want.

We call attention to this needed focus every year in January, but you can pick any week you want!

Taming this e-mail Tiger lends itself beautifully to having a departmental or companywide campaign. So whether you do it the fourth week in January, or the first week in April, assign that challenge to a group who you know will do a great job with this, unleash their creativity, and watch each employee reclaim an hour or more of productivity each day.

Not quite sure how to go about this?

Don't want to re-create the wheel? Want ready-made e-mail messages and posters to use in your campaign? We have developed alot of helpful materials for you to set up and manage the process yourself.

Steps You Can Take:

  • Declare "Clean Out Your Inbox Week," and announce the dates
  • Prepare mentally to have your own inbox at zero by the end of the week
  • Identify a team leader and set up a task force to champion COYIW
  • Charge the task force and identify goals for the initiative
  • Set up a timetable for activities related to the COYIW initiative
  • Provide everyone with tools that will enable the inbox clean-out
  • Plan the celebration
  • Enjoy the heightened productivity for weeks and months to come

Resources to Assist You:

  • Free assessment: Share our free online assessment of your emailing practices. Take it yourself, then share the link with others in your workgroup. It'll get 'em thinking, that's for sure!
  • Free white paper: Download our free white paper, "Email Culture: Are You Managing It or is IT Managing You?" This provides leadership wisdom of the crisis and opportunity in wasted email productivity.
  • Free tips: Check out our blog, for helpful tips throughout the year and free goodies all week long, or, better yet, subscribe to our email alerts or RSS feed and receive them automatically.
  • Free infographic: Download this free 8 1/2 x 11 infographic with 5 tips to help cleanse those inboxes.

  • Clean Out Your Inbox Ekit: Download our 97 page kit that gives you a dot-to-dot on how to implement COYIW. More info below...

"Egan's Inbox Detox Week is genius, I wish I thought of it.  I guess I was too busy organizing my own email..." Liz Swenton, PR Nonsense, January 18, 2010

The Clean Out Your Inbox Week e-Kit.

This marvelous 97-page e-Kit will tame your company's business e-mail beast. It will do so effectively, completely, and create a culture that will work for your company years down the road. If fact, hundreds of firms across the country have used the e-Kit to do exactly that. In the process they've saved millions of $.

The executives who have bought the e-Kit for their firms are literally ecstatic over the results. Their accounting people are stumbling around in Nirvana, starry-eyed. And the beauty of the Clean Out Your Inbox Week e-Kit is that it's incredibly easy to implement, and comes with everything (and we mean everything) you'll need.

And another thing: Your employees will absolutely love Clean Out Your Inbox Week. Why? Because it lets them be more productive, and frees them from spending their free time looking at business e-mails at home.

What is included...

Along with step-by-step, easy to follow directions on how to whomp on the business e-mail beast, the Clean Out Your Inbox e-Kit contains a wealth of information on time-management, the cost of clutter, and the facts concerning the entire toxic e-mail culture. It tells you how to focus on the right stuff, how to minimize distractions, why inboxes should be viewed only five times a day – and much, much more.

One of the many posters in the eKit

It even includes  30+ pages of print ready posters, efficiency tips, and camera ready art to make your job easier.

So, what's in this great eKit???

This 97 page eKit outlines the magnitude and opportunities presented by taming wasteful email practices throughout your organization.  Then, it gives you the formula and tools to do it.   It starts at the top, with the leadership, and filters throughout the organization.  The reclaimed productivity and profits could be huge.  Why wait?

Here's what you will get:

Part One - The Problem

The first part of this E-Kit will open your eyes and perhaps even make your jaws drop as you assess the potential productivity you can reclaim by embracing positive e-mail habits, and creating an efficient e-mail culture in your organization.

We have provided you background on the depth of the problem, and the opportunity that exists by addressing it.

We have given you formulas to assess the potential waste in your business.

We have offered you explanations for not only how e-mail took control of us, but why we have been so slow to diagnose it.

And we have given you solutions.

Part Two - The Solution

Part Two gives you the nuts and bolts of how to set up a successful Clean Out Your Inbox Week, from concept to vision to launch meetings to reward ideas.  The Appendix contains helpful resources such as sample press releases, e-mails, posters, etc.

We Have Done A Lot of the Work for You...

We have included:

  • sample timelines,
  • sample announcements,
  • sample press releases,
  • posters,
  • screensavers,
  • meeting agendas,

...and other information that will be helpful to you in promoting and rewarding your coworkers to achieve an empty inbox during the international Clean Out Your Inbox Week.

Here is one of the camera ready artwork samples - great for tee shirts or coffee mugs:


These are only suggestions, creativity and knowing your business culture will open the door for a very successful week. Be as creative as possible, and watch the stress go down in your company.

Three more reasons the eKit will help...

1.  It is "Change Management in a Kit "

Clean Out Your Inbox Week eKit outlines a focused, week long program that is intended to highlight the impact e-mail practices can have on productivity.  It is a simple, yet effective way to get an entire organization aligned with using e-mail best practices. We've done the basic planning for you - all you do is apply your creativity wherever you want to!

2.  It centers on three primary behaviors

It centers around the three behaviors that will impact most peoples' productivity. Instead of trying to address the myriad of wasteful e-mail habits exhibited by a myriad of workers, we believe that getting everyone to focus on three behaviors will make the program easier to promote, monitor, and reward.

3.  It calls for everyone to get on board for the same week.

While it doesn't mean that other e-mail best practices can't be highlighted during this period of emphasis, having everyone in the organization embrace the same three practices will bring more targeted focus, and more tangible results.

This is what we call "change management made simple."


Buy it now!  Only $69.00!

It will be electronically delivered to you immediately
so that you can start planning right away!


You have to reclaim less than 4 total hours
(at an average hourly wage of $20)
to pay for this eKit!


More camera ready artwork

The Vision Outlined in the eKit

A Week of Focus

To be most effective, we advocate a week of actual focus on e-mail best practices.  We believe the last week in January is ideal because it lends itself to preparing for the new year by decluttering the old. January is a time for embracing new habits.

All Inboxes Empty by the End of the Week

The primary focus of the week is to have everyone in the organization have an empty inbox by the end of that week. While this may be easy for some, it could be a very large task for others.  This is a very simple concept, easy to explain, and fun to celebrate.

Two Supporting Behaviors

The two supporting behaviors that are a critical part of this week's success are to have everyone in the organization (1) check for their e-mail only five times, maximum, per day and to (2) not use e-mail communications for anything urgent. 

Leaders -- listen up!

Absolutely critical to the success of Clean Out Your Inbox Week is the commitment by the leadership and management of the organization to

  • Emptying their own inboxes
  • Checking their e-mail no more than five times daily
  • Not using e-mail for urgent communications

Important NOTE:  If these requirements sound challenging, once you read the eKit, you'll know why they're critical to the success of the week - and you'll WANT to enforce them!.

Strong Leadership Involvement

The success of the week lies in the hands of the leadership, who will actively support and endorse the effort, embrace new behaviors, and commit to modeling e-mail best practices. Addressed in the eKit are:

  • Committee or task force composition and charges
  • Elements of a successful launch meeting
  • Rewards and promotional gadgets and activities
  • Workshops and training
  • Easy Tools for You to Use
  • Included in the eKit are:
  • ->20 8 1/2 x 11 E-Mail Efficiency Tip Posters
  • ->10 8 1/2 x 11 Clean out Your Inbox Week Posters
  • ->Sample Promotional E-Mails


Purchase your 97 page Clean Out Your Inbox Week e-Kit

Everything you wanted to know about e-mail culture shifts,
but were afraid to ask.


But again, the key to the program is in its simplicity.
That, and the fact that it absolutely works.


For an investment of $69, you can save your company thousands.

You probably thought we were going to send a group of time-consultants to your business and charge you accordingly. No, that simply is not the case. The Clean Out Your Inbox e-Kit costs a grand total of $69. That's it.

  • No subscription to buy.
  • No membership to join.
  • No expensive materials to order -- $69.
  • Complete.
  • Total.
  • Nothing else.

One of the many posters in the eKit

And it works. It works so well, you won't believe it. Your employees will absolutely love it

Is there anything not to like here?


About the author...

The Clean Out You Inbox Week e-Kit was developed by executive coach and internationally known e-mail efficiency expert Marsha Egan. This e-Kit combines an understanding of the huge waste companies have with an organized change management solution that is simple and will work.

Egan has been featured on ABC Nightly News, Fox and Friends, Canada AM, Reuters TV, CNN, CBS, NBC, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, The Des Moines Register, Shape Magazine, USA Today, and countless other media outlets on the subject of e-mail productivity and "e-ddiction." More about Marsha...

Why wait? Now would be a good time to act.

Sure, you can buy the $69 Clean Out Your Inbox e-Kit next week. Or next month. Or maybe wait and hope someone gives it to you for your birthday. But why wait?

Every day that goes by your company is losing productivity due to really, really bad e-mail procedures. And lost productivity means lost profit. And lost profit is something that can never be recovered.

For $69 you can be a corporate superhero.

Buy it now!  Only $69.00!

It will be electronically delivered to you immediately
so that you can start planning right away!

Get ready for a week that wil not only change your business,
but will help YOU make better use of your own work day!


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The Clean Out Your Inbox Week eKit is included in each system

Still not sure about whether to initiate a Clean Out Your Inbox Week effort?

No, it's not a national holiday. It's about joining businesses throughout the USA in making their e-mail routines more effective and efficient. Why would you want to do that? Very simple – it can save your company money. In fact, lots of money. We're not talking hundreds of $ here, we're talking thousands of $. More likely, tens-of-thousands of $.

Do we have your attention? you will

The monster that is business e-mail.

It's got more heads than Hydra. It's huge. It works its way into your mailbox, and your employees' mailboxes. Over the course of a year, it amounts to tens-of-thousands of e-mails for each and every person in your company. And to be honest, about 95% of the e-mails you and they receive are about as important to your company as the latest statistics on yak breeding in Tibet (unless, of course, you're in the yak breeding business).

So what? you say.

Ho hum, you say.

Why are you bothering me with all this? you say.

Remember the old adage that time is money? Well, let's talk about time for a minute (no pun intended.)

Unless your employees are working for free, you've got a big problem.

Let's go on the assumption that you pay your people handsomely. They're happy, productive and think you're a great boss. All is well in the world! Rock on!

Or not.

Every business e-mail that you and your employees receive (and remember, most e-mails are junk), requires time – time to open the e-mail, time to scan the contents, time to delete or respond – time, time, time. It's estimated that the average American worker spends 180 minutes every day on e-mail. We would not kid you about this.

Now, multiply that unproductive time spent, against what your employees are being paid. Then, multiply that by day, week and year – and don't forget to include all your employees in the equation.


And now that we've given you a giant-sized headache, we'd like to tell you how you can get rid of this problem once and for all by creating focused attention on not only the problem, but the solution.

Start now...

Please use our free resources to get you started.   If you need the eKit, it is available for purchase on this page. And if you need even more, don't hesitate to check out our do-it-yourself E-mail Culture Shift Systems.  Whatever works for you is what we want! Email or call us if you think we can help.

It is the last full week in January, every year.

But just in case that week doesn't work for you, you can implement COYIW any week you choose!

Let us know how we can help you reclaim the productivity you're aleady paying for...