Re-energize the economy with productivity, not cost cutting!

Maybe we are looking at this all wrong… Businesses are downsizing because they can’t afford the employee salaries and extras. Don’t they realize that most workers who rely on e-mail to communicate could be sucking the business dry with unintentional productivity theft?

Sometimes it is not just cost saving. Rather, if you can reclaim the productivity that has been lost because of a near pandemic of productivity sapping e-mail habits throughout organizations, you’ll see it in your bottom line.

Consider the impact of getting 10%-20% more out of each worker? Now THAT’S what will re-energize the economy. See our prior posts for how to make this all work…

Is checking e-mail during business meetings career suicide?

AOL’s recent study has affirmed to me a lot of what I’ve suspected. 38% of the people in the survey have checked their e-mail in a business meeting. This does not mean when they are waiting for the meeting to begin, it means during the meeting.
What could these people be thinking?
I saw another study recently where top executives were surveyed regarding their opinions of people who use their blackberries or PDAs during a business meeting. A full third of them considered it to be unacceptable. So if one out of three top executives considers checking the Blackberry as inappropriate, and 38% of the survey admitted to doing it, it looks like some careers could be in jeopardy!

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